Finance for Non-Finance Managers

21 JUN 2017-22 JUN 2017 09:00 AM - 5:00 PM (2 Days)

Network Training Center

Finance for non-finance manager course is designed for participants who have limited finance background knowledge. This course will provide participants with detailed understanding of basic concepts and definitions to enable them read and understand finance related documents and their implications in day-to-day workings.

After completing this course, the participants will be able to


  • Read and interpret any financial statements
  • Understand key ratios and their implications
  • Interpret cash flow statement and its implication for overall organization
  • Understand factors critical for growth of the companies
  • Understand key financial terminology used in the industry
  • Apply financial information to aid in effective decision making
  • Understand the role of corporate budgets and goals and how they can contribute towards achieving the same




  • Identify, categorize and quantify obligatory credit risks and portfolio credit risks.
  • Understand the methodology and procedures needed to track and manage these risks, including credit rating, rating migration, probability of default (PD), LGD, etc.
  • Understand the importance of systematic and unsystematic risks and the impact of concentration & correlation in credit portfolios.
  • Understand the role of credit risk in Basel Accords with specific focus on Basel III.
  • Understand Credit Portfolio Analysis and the importance of Credit Loss distribution and estimation of Economic Capital. Differentiate Economic capital and regulatory capital.
  • Explore various credit portfolio risk mitigations - diversification, securitization and credit derivatives.
  • Develop an understanding of how excessive credit bears the risk of bubble formation & its consequences.



This course is suitable for all individuals who want to improve their finance effectiveness and decision making ability such as positions below.


  • Functional/ department heads and decision-making professionals
  • Middle to senior managers from non-finance background
  • Non-finance professionals from sales, marketing, human resources, operations, investor relations, productions, legal departments etc.
  • IT and technical professionals and business consultants
  • Any other professional who wants to build up his/her finance capabilities


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