PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner

12 MAR 2018-16 MAR 2018 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM (5 Days)

Network Training Center

This five-day accredited course provides participants with a thorough grounding in PRINCE2® and is comprised of three main elements.

The first element provides Coverage of PRINCE2 principles

  • The need for structured project management
  • Why pragmatic and intelligent use of methods is so important
  • How PRINCE2 can be employed to achieve business-related objectives

The second element considers the method itself:

  • The structure of PRINCE2
  • How the major themes and processes work on their own as well as together. The themes are examined in detail as are the processes and their related activities
  • How the roles associated with the PRINCE2 method can be made really effective.

The third element deals with the tailoring of PRINCE2 and explores the need for tailoring the method when introducing it into a different environments and using it in different sizes of project, always bearing in mind the need to keep bureaucracy to a minimum.

Presented by skilled lecturers with extensive experience in the practical application of project management, the course includes examination coaching and practice using sample questions.

Things You Will Learn

  • Understand the philosophy and structure of PRINCE2
  • Understand the benefits that can accrue from the implementation of a structured project
  • management method such as PRINCE2
  • Explain the PRINCE2 process model
  • Understand the PRINCE2 themes
  • Create a Project Brief
  • Create a Project Organization Structure
  • Initiate a project and create Project Initiation Documentation
  • Appreciate the use of PRINCE2 products and plans
  • Apply progress control mechanisms
  • Appreciate the principles of PRINCE2 Quality Management
  • Apply change control mechanisms
  • Realize the importance of Configuration Management use the PRINCE2 Risk Management
  • approach
  • Tune PRINCE2:2009 for differing environments


This course is intended for managers and potential PRINCE2 practitioners who require hands-on experience of the method, themes, processes and activities. Delegates are likely to have experience of team leading, project management, project assurance/support or user management.


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