Business Analysis (BA)

13 AUG 2019-14 AUG 2019 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM (2 Days)

Network Training Center

In the course you will learn best practices of Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK Guide) is the globally recognized standard for the practice of business analysis, The BABOK guide describes business analysis knowledge areas, tasks, underlying competencies, techniques and perspective on how to approach business analysis. 
This course will describe the practice of the business analysis as it is applied within
  • Performed within the boundaries of the project of throughout enterprise evaluation and continuous improvement. 
  • Practice of enabling change in an enterprise by defining needs and recommending solution that deliver value to stakeholder
  • Practice of enabling an enterprise to articulate needs and rationale for change, and to design and describe solutions that can deliver value

Module 1: Intro to BABok
  • Why BABok? – the challenge 
  • What is BABok? 
  • The role of BA (Business Analyst)

Module 2: Business Analyst – Key Concepts
  • Core concepts 
  • Requirement Classification 
  • Stakeholders

Module 3: Planning and Monitoring BA
  • Plan the BA approach  
  • Plan Stakeholder Engagement  
  • Plan for Governance and Information Management 
  • Identify BA performance

Module 4: Requirement Elicitation & Stakeholder Collaboration
  • Prepare / Conduct & Confirm Elicitation 
  • Communicate & Collaborate with Stakeholder

Module 5: Requirement Lifecycle
  • Trace / Maintain / Prioritize Requirement 
  • Requirement Changes 
  • Requirement Approval

Module 6: Strategy Analysis
  • Analyze / Define Status 
  • Assess Risk 
  • Define Strategy

Module 7: Requirement Analysis & Design
  • Specify / Verify / Validate Requirement 
  • Design Requirement Architecture 
  • Solution Options & Recommend solution

Module 8: Evaluate the Solution
  • Measure/ Analyze Performance 
  • Assess Solution/Enterprise Limitation 
  • Recommended Action

  • Module 9: Competency of a good BA
  • Knowledge 
  • Skills 
  • Tools & Technology 

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