Data Centre Foundation Certification (DCFC)

06 FEB 2020-07 FEB 2020 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM (2 Days)



The data centre sector is a fast growing part of the overall ICT industry. Driven by the ever growing need of integrated communication solutions, social media, online content and cloud enabled infrastructure, the industry keeps growing at a very fast pace and more data centres are being built to enable this growth.

Various industry reports indicate that there is a shortage of skilled data centre personnel. This shortage is created by the ever changing technology resulting in the current data centre personnel having “outdated” knowledge and skills as well as the expanding data centre market leading to a shortage of new data centre personnel. It is also often indicated by the industry that there is a gap between the skills of fresh graduates and the practical skills and knowledge required in today’s data centre industry.

The Data Centre Foundation Certi­cate (DCFC) is a 2-day course designed to deliver foundation knowledge about data centre facilities infrastructure. It provides participants with global overview and knowledge on data centres which will be of advantage to the participants who are looking at joining the ranks of professionals working in the data centre, ICT, infrastructure or the mechanical and electrical (M&E) design industries. It will also form a solid foundation for participants who wish to pursue his/her studies either academically or to further his/her industry specialisation with professional certi­cation courses on data centre design/build, operations/governance and/or standards/compliance. With the tremendous growth of data and the data centres to support it, the demand for data centre professionals will grow in tandem.

The audience for this course is any student in colleges, universities or polytechnics pursuing diploma/degree related to ICT, Architectural, Electrical or Mechanical Engineering and Telecommunication fields of study. This programme is also a perfect fit those switching industries and want to enter the exciting data centre industry.

Course Benefits
The DCFC course will prepare students in higher education for entering the exciting and high growth data centre industry. It will ensure that students who enter the job market have the required basic knowledge to take on a wide variety of jobs in the data centre industry. It will also provide the required knowledge and skill level to attend professional data centre training certification programmes such as the CDCP® and others in the EPI Data Centre Training Framework®.

Course Syllabus

 History of Data Centres

The Data Centre and its Relation to Business

Data Centre Standards

Data Centre Site Selection

Data Centre Facilities Areas

Listing of all areas and their functions

Topology Designs

- De­nition of Ratings

Components of the Power Infrastructure

- Utility power

- Transformers

- Generators

- Fuel systems


- UPS systems

- Batteries

- Electrical switch gear


- Lights

- Emergency lights

Cooling Infrastructure

- Chillers

- DX Systems

- Evaporators


- Supplemental cooling

- Containment

ICT/Network Infrastructure

- Racks

- Network cabling (­bre, copper)

- Cable trays and pathways

- TIA-606 labelling

Data Centre Security

- Perimeter security

- Physical protection

- Access control


- Security management

Fire Suppression

- Detection systems

- Suppression systems

- Prevention systems

- Fire extinguishers

- Fire Safety

Monitoring and reporting




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